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It was mid-2014 and I was sitting there, in awe.  I was amongst many, but felt calmly alone, as if the speaker’s words were meant only for me.  He was challenging the dogma of western medicine, giving voice to a holistic solution.  Something within me stirred.

I’d already started a journey of transformation, so was obviously open to the call to rise. I had been preparing my body and mind for my second pregnancy.  The desire to expand my potential beyond the life I had lead was closely linked to my view that our children are our mirrors, offering us a way to grow and nurture our authentic selves.  And I wanted more of that, because I had never felt more like myself than when I became a mother.

In that moment, in that room, after the speaker’s words had long gone, I felt the lingering sensation of strength in my voice.  I knew then that I needed to do something, create a movement, and transform the conversation.  I felt vital. Invigorated. I wasn’t stuck anymore. It made sense.  I was to use my communications and media skills, combined with my thirst for knowledge around human behavior, to raise our collective consciousness.

The next day I called that speaker and he agreed to present at my first event.  It had begun.

I suddenly saw opportunities everywhere.  Opportunities to educate, to open up the uncomfortable conversations, and to create a safe place to challenge the status quo.   Suburban Sandcastles was established with a view to connecting people with what moves them, in particular raising awareness of both physical and mental health, and our relationships to others and ourselves.

I realise now that the 7 year old me, who drew a picture of a stage with a performer on it, was a visionary.  She had a desire to be seen and heard, to express herself fully.  The 18 year old me took that challenge on literally and became vocal about politics and the environment and any other cause dear to the hardcore lefties’ heart.  Having had the fire lit by my English teachers to ask more questions, to challenge beliefs, and to tell more stories, I then became a less than model employee in my corporate days.  I felt the pressures to conform and considered myself an imposter much of the time, but I knew this was part of the plan.  I am hugely grateful to the bosses who challenged me and helped me realise there were other conversations to be had, other reasons to get up each day. 

And so it is that I am living the life I encourage others to live – the one where you step out and do what you feel you are called to do.  Each event I bring to life asks the audience to challenge their perceptions, to stretch their understanding, to be open to new possibilities… to expand their human potential and become the truest version of themselves. And each event continues to prompt me to do the same.


Our events seek to explore more deeply the issues of our time through thought-provoking film and conversation, and opinions and expert views that compel you to question your beliefs, values and view of yourself and how you be and act on the world. 

We feature engaging, knowledgable speakers who are experts in their field, and cultivate a community that's inspired by wellness, big ideas, and paving our own way. 

Our film and conversation events offer:

  • Inspiring, thought-provoking insight into health and wellness, education, leadership and conscious living

  • Nourishing whole food meals and drinks, and bar service

  • Guest speakers and a Q & A panel to help you explore the theme more deeply

  • Local businesses and artisans with healthy and beautiful products and services

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn
— Alvin Toffler, Futurist

Bridget Wood, Founder & Events Manager
Bridget Wood is a thought leader, events manager, facilitator and mother of three. As the Founder of Suburban Sandcastles and Co-Founder of Nourishing The Mother, Bridget brings wisdom, heart, and inspiration to audiences around Australia, and Internationally with her unique knowledge of consciousness and current affairs.

The deep desire to become a mother, and the journey of miscarriage, was a profound path of transformation for Bridget, degree-qualified in media, communications and journalism. After a decade in the Corporate world, Bridget launched Suburban Sandcastles in 2015 to illuminate the issues of our time through film and conversation, elevating the collective consciousness through the medium of documentary film, expert speakers and interviews that challenge the status quo and call us all to think bigger.

Creating conversations on health and wellness, education, leadership, diversity, choices in childbirth, environment and spirituality, Bridget demonstrates a remarkable capacity to communicate ideas in meaningful ways that resonate, bringing together people willing to have their minds opened in wonder, rather than closed by belief.

Many women reflect that they lose themselves in motherhood, but ultimately it has been where Bridget has found herself, and through Nourishing The Mother, launched in 2015, Bridget has facilitated thousands of women to find the expansion, joy, and deep reverence for motherhood, feminine awakening and respectful parenting.