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Connecting to Source

Bridget Wood

By Marko Petrovic

Whether it’s your food source, or your own source, your own centre, what follows is a powerful way to deepen that relationship.
I once heard at a seminar that "if a tomato looks like a tomato then it’s a tomato, if it’s red and plump then it got everything it needed to be a tomato, therefore it’s good for you."

But when you eat a tomato, it’s not just a tomato you eat. 

Your body literally digests every single energetic transaction that has taken place from the moment of birth, the moment that shell of that seed cracked and began it’s growing process all the way through to maturation and harvesting.

Every beam of light that interacted with it’s leaves.
Every soil organism that supported the life of this plant.
Every drop of water that nourished the plant.
And so much more...
However, with the commercialisation of foods and the need for higher profits, industry has eliminated a lot of these potential transactions, looking for more profitable agricultural methods has left us in a place where the typical process is artificially fertilising with NPK.
 N - Nitrogen
 P - Phosphorus
 K - Potassium 

NPK gives the plants shape, size and colour. That’s it.

This is why commercially grown tomatoes are more or less tasteless and just water-holding red balls that emulate what was once a food rich in minerals and vitamins.

This is why there’s an eating compulsion sweeping the western world: we are filled to the brim with imitations of food and yet our bodies still yearn for the nutrient rich foods that are grown in soils that are full of life and diverse with soil life and natural fertilisers. 

So to bring it full circle, there’s an ever increasing need for us to connect with our food source, not only for the nutritional benefit that the plants offer our bodies, but also to keep us up to speed on this journey.

What do I mean by ‘this journey’? Well the Earth is on a cosmic journey, with her perfect time and place in the balance of our solar system. And to the degree that we disconnect from her journey by eating artificial mimics of food, we also disconnect from her energetically, which in turn disconnects us from ourselves, this can manifest in all sorts of ways in someones life. 

I relate to the Earth as 'her' due to the fact that she offers all the feminine qualities of life.

Just like a pregnant mother offers the life-force, nutrition and warmth to her baby, the Earth does the same to the human family.
If it wasn’t for her rivers, streams and springs
If it wasn’t for her forests
If it wasn’t for her landscapes
 We wouldn’t have the water we drink, the oxygen we breathe and the food we eat.

Eating seasonal and local foods does so much more for you than just allowing you to have physical health; it connects you to all the subtle energies and information going on in your location as well, allowing your body to adjust accordingly and to maintain peak health and vitality.

In my own experience and that of my clients, it’s almost as though your inner compass becomes aligned and you can be more on purpose and on path with the work that you’re here to do. Things seem to flow better, there’s a natural inspiration to be healthy and vital and a greater sense of joy when you engage with nature in this way.

And you can do this every day. Every single time you eat! At an average of 3 meals a day that’s 21 times a week that you can deepen your connection with the elements of life that give you the vitality to be the person you’re here to be.

P.S. If you have an opportunity to eat a tomato, regardless of how it’s grown, it’s much better than the alternative of completely synthetic artificial foods with a shelf life of months.
I once heard a saying that the longer it’s shelf life, the shorter yours. This is a good general rule and comes with some exceptions, such as raw honey (an incredibly healing food). Which has been shown to last thousands of years from honey discovered in the pyramids of Egypt.

Marko Petrovic, holistic coach, entrepreneur and international speaker supports high-performing women and men to supercharge their health with a very simple philosophy and approach. A combination of the latest breakthrough research with age-old wisdom from ancient civilisations that challenge mainstream thinking to get fast sustainable momentum. Visit

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