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Body Gratitude Project

Challenge your thinking to transform your conversation with yourself.


Over 60% of people set a health and wellness goal at the start of each new year, and by the time March rolls around, most give up!

This year, instead of setting lofty goals that don't align with your life, take the Body Gratitude Project Pledge to begin 2017 saying thanks to your body for everything it's given you  - it's a call to find more ways to embrace your body, not loath it. 

Tell us (and yourself) below, one or more parts of your body that you commit to love more of and why - what have they given you, what have they seen, held, experienced or taken you to?

The key is to feel that gratitude within you. It's the ultimate medicine for healing your relationship with yourself.

Every pledge will form part of an installation of body love at the event screening of Embrace in Melbourne, Australia on 18 January (Local? get your tickets here)


Get involved on social media with #bodygratitudeproject and #embracethedocumentary



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