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Our community comes together to co-create with us; to be inspired, moved, and galvanised into action to create the world they want to see. It is through the power of community that we create grassroots change, transform ourselves, and make a meaningful contribution to society.

We rely on our community to help us ‘spread the word’ about what we do - if you can help, we’d love you to display our upcoming event posters in your local area. Thanks for helping us on our mission to elevate consciousness through film and conversation!

What people are saying….

"Let me start by saying WOW - what an amazing event. What you have created with Suburban Sandcastles has completely blown my mind.
It's been a very long time since I've done something that is 100% just for myself (to 'fill my cup'). It wasn't until I was driving home last night that I realised how much I needed it.
I went home and the first words I said to my husband were 'I actually feel complete, for the first time in a long time'. It was like the experience ignited something in me that I didn't even realise was missing. So thank you for creating such a warm, inspiring, passionate and inviting space." 

- Ani Tuna, MumLife Australia


"I was really touched to be invited along as a speaker at a Suburban Sandcastles event in 2015. I had attended their events before as a guest and enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere, great conversations, thought-provoking films and calibre of speakers involved in the Q&A panels post screenings. I was thrilled to be part of such a fantastic movement and to be on a panel with some amazing women doing great things, in addition to Suburban Sandcastles' Founder Bridget Wood."

- Jess Jones, Soar Collective 


Bridget, thank you so much for a great night last night, Soph and I really enjoyed the film. It was so great to be a part of it and i'm so impressed that you put something together like that when you are a working mother - you are truly amazing!! The film nights are just what we need in Bayside and I will be recommending it to my patients and colleagues. It was so refreshing to mingle with people from our local community who are eager to learn more about optimal health and wellbeing. You are spreading the word and raising the consciousness - thank you so much for this!

- Juanita Jolly, Balance Complementary Medicine


"I initially attended Suburban Sandcastles events as a monthly 'treat' for myself. I have enjoyed yoga classes, yummy locally prepared food, mindfulness workshops and been very fortunate to win a few prizes in the raffle. The money raised by the raffle is donated to community groups who support and facilitate positive change at a grass roots level (so awesome!).

The feature films presented are thought provoking and inspirational. I have been exposed to new ideas and concepts. The Q & A session afterwards features special guests and is always informative, interesting and interactive. 

What I enjoy the most about Suburban Sandcastles events is meeting other like minded people (which now include my friends and their friends!) in the community and being introduced to and having the opportunity to support local businesses. 

Learn, be inspired and get connected!"

- Sharon, regular guest


"Bridget, I just have to say what an absolute legend Jeremy (Limpens) is. I know there is an element of being ready to hear things, but the way he delivered the 6 week program was a massive awakening for me. I was so blown away by the simplicity of it all and how something so apparently easy is the most challenging thing. His wise words were backed up with a booklet which has really had an impact on my life. I hear his words in my head and I keep coming back and connecting with the present time which is the most incredible feeling. I feel calmer and aware of what is going on in the here and now.
He has taught me that there is another way to enjoy being and it's not all tough and hard to achieve, it's free and enlightening and amazing.
I cannot thank you enough for enabling me to connect with such an amazing group and experiencing this fantastic course.
I look forward to the next time.
Many thanks, Candice"

(Participant in the Mindful Life Program with Jeremy Limpens, November 2015)