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Polyfaces: A World of Many Choices


Is sustainable, chemical-free farming the future of food? Can it possibly be this way and should we be striving for it? Through film and conversation with our expert panel, we'll explore this topic. 

5.45pm nourishing food and local exhibitors
6.45pm film commences, followed by discussion

Set amidst the stunning Shenandoah Valley in northern Virginia, ‘Polyface Farm’ is led by the “the world’s most innovative farmer” (TIME Magazine) and uses no chemicals and feeds over 6,000 families and many restaurants and food outlets within a 3 hour ‘foodshed’ of their farm.

‘Polyfaces: A World of Many Choices’ is a joyful film about connecting to the land and the community. Produced over 4 years by an Australian family, it follows the Salatin’s, a 4th generation farming family who do ‘everything different to everyone else’ as they produce food in a way that works with nature, not against it. Using the symbiotic relationships of animals and their natural functions, they produce high quality, nutrient-dense products.

Lisa Heenan and Darren Doherty and their 3 children have spent the last 4 years and all the money they had saved to build a sustainable and regenerative farm (well over $150K) to create this visionary and inspirational film. They show how the Salatins regenerate their landscapes, communities, local economies, customer’s health and most importantly their soils. Lisa and Darren meet various characters and follow their powerful, personal journeys as they benefit physically and emotionally from the Salatin’s way of farming. This model is being replicated throughout communities all over the world, proving that we can provide quality produce without depleting our planet.

Darren Doherty is one of the world’s leading regenerative agriculture specialists and he has consulted in well over 40 countries with thousands of farms and farmers… all with the one purpose…

Hoping to inspire great change in our Global Village.

About the event
Before the film, join us for a nourishing meal, fresh juice and healthy treat, available for purchase. Connect with our community and explore what's on offer from our local business exhibitors. There's also great prizes in our raffle thanks to our exhibitors and generous local businesses.

Joining us in a special Q&A after the film, is the film's Co-Director, Isaebella Doherty, a favourite Victorian farmer, Farmer Dan, and : 

Dan Drougas, Farmer and owner, The Farmers Market Online has a philosophy as a farmer to produce a real and natural product which is grown in a humane and sustainable manner on his farm. All the beef, lamb and pork products sold on The Farmers Market Online are born, bred and reared on the family farm in Jack River South Gippsland and are all 100% free range and grass fed. Dan and his family consider their breeding stock as business partners and do not cull, slaughter, process or on-sell them. They remain on their Gippsland farm and are fed and looked after until they pass on. 

In Dan's words: "We guarantee NO hormones, NO grains, NO antibiotics and NO genetically modified feeds(GM) are ever used. All our products are completely natural, grass fed and free range, the way they should be. This is REAL food at it's best. "The way in which we produce our food today, will determine the future of our children."

Isaebella Doherty, Filmmaker, has a string of awards for her work at just 23 years of age. She won an award at 16 at the Bendigo RAW Awards for her short documentary – Filthy Youth. At 17, she won the Youth award, for her music video 'Swan', at the Hillside Film Festival in Belgrave. She has also won numerous awards in New Zealand film festivals for her short films and now as Co-Director of Polyfaces has received awards at the Life Sciences Film Festival in Prague and Weyauwega Film Festival in Wisconsin.

Growing up with an immensely arts & agriculture orientated upbringing, Isaebella has always sought integration of her innately engrained passions, predominantly self-educating her film & photographic capabilities.

Marko Petrovic, holistic coach, entrepreneur and international speaker supports high-performing women and men to supercharge their health with a very simple philosophy and approach. A combination of the latest breakthrough research with age-old wisdom from ancient civilisations that challenge mainstream thinking to get fast sustainable momentum.

Event program
5.45pm doors open, nourishing food and drink available, local exhibitors
6.45pm film commences
8.30pm Q&A panel followed by prize raffle
9.00pm event concludes

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