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May I Be Happy (Bayside Melbourne)

May I Be Happy Film.png

May I Be Happy reveals the significance of mindfulness practice in transforming the lives of young people.

Through poetic cinematography and sequences of teachers leading sensitive or boisterous practices to kids from different backgrounds, the film brings awareness to the benefits of mindfulness as a way out of violence and suffering, and as an attainable solution for younger generations.

This full-length feature documentary captures the very real challenges American children face, whether in elite private schools, public schools, on the streets, or in juvenile detention centers. Hearing the frustration of dedicated educators who find ways to teach from the heart, and seeing their optimistic work with youth is an uplifting experience. Interviews with teachers and leaders in the field of mindfulness research and education, including Dr. Dan Siegel and Vinny Ferraro, offer insights into the growing practice of mindfulness in education.

Covering varying approaches to mindfulness by a range of San Francisco Bay Area programs, May I Be Happy reminds us of children's natural capacity for wellbeing, resilience and happiness. 

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Q&A panel

Jaclyn Guest is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, with over 12 years' experience specialising in childhood trauma and attachment. She has a special interest in therapeutic techniques and parenting styles that connect with a child's authentic experience. This often involves supporting children to listen to themselves and their bodies, and teaching parents about the value of co-regulation. Jaclyn is currently completing the certification in Synergetic Play Therapy, which is a cutting edge, therapeutic approach based in the theory of neurobiology and nervous system regulation to make sense of a child's "symptoms" and behaviours. Using the child's language of play, their "symptoms" can be translated into meaningful communications. Jaclyn consults in private practice and at the Australian Childhood Foundation, both in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Deanne Ogden is owner and founder of Trinity Kids Australia, a rapidly expanding small business that facilitates emotional intelligence and mindfulness programs for children aged 2 -18 years. Through her own personal journey of parenting three sons, she has discovered the power of living a mindful life and its direct link to improved emotional intelligence. Her mission is to empower children and parents with the tools required to navigate any situation.

Anna Glumac is a dynamic, multi-talented and driven individual. In her academic life, she works as an Early Childhood Teacher and has taught a diverse range of students from multicultural backgrounds for the past six years. In this time, she has developed and implemented programs that target Literacy acceleration and Social and Emotional learning. Anna balances this with a passion for helping busy people slow down through facilitating laughter and self care workshops, which she successfully runs in aged care facilities, hospitals, women’s shelters and in classrooms across Victoria. Anna is passionate about young people exploring and discovering the benefits of holistic education - developing resilience and acceptance so that they can live their lives fully in control of their own emotional wellbeing. In her own life and professional career, Anna has seen how interactions between different generations can be used to control the disconnect and cognitive and social challenges that many young and old people experience in their everyday lives. This led her to the role of director of The Herd Intergenerational Learning Centre; an organisation that is working to provide holistic child care, while also acting as a social enterprise that works to improve the health and wellbeing of young children and residents in aged care facilities.

About the event
Through thought-provoking events that inspire action, and using the power of film to illuminate the issues of our time, Suburban Sandcastles is a movement for people seeking to live with their minds opened by wonder, not closed by belief. Join us at Shirley Burke Theatre in Parkdale, Bayside Melbourne for a nourishing meal, fresh juice, wholefood snacks, beer and wine, all available for purchase before the film. Connect with our community and explore what's on offer from our wellness and lifestyle exhibitors. 

Event program
5.45pm doors open, nourishing food and drink available, local exhibitors
6.45pm film commences
8.15 Q&A panel
8.45pm event concludes

Later Event: November 21
May I Be Happy (Geelong)