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PGS Intuition (Geelong)



Bill Bennett heard a voice while driving early one morning. The voice told him to slow down. He was approaching an intersection, and fortunately Bill listened to that voice and he did slow down, because a huge truck ran a red light on a cross street, missing him by inches. If not for that voice, Bill would have been killed.

Ever since, Bill has been determined to find out what that voice was, where it came from, and why his life was saved. This movie is the result of that search.

The search took him to some of the most remote and sacred places on the planet, to talk to holy men and mystics, sadhus and saints, research scientists and quantum physicists and psychiatrists. Over a three year period he spoke to some of the world’s leading experts on intuition, spanning the fields of science, religion, and spirituality.

He discovered that intuition is part of a subtle energetic system that seeks to protect us and guide us along our life’s journey so that we can achieve our true purpose – and lead a life of fulfillment and contentment. He called it our PGS – our Personal Guidance System.

The movie discusses what intuition is, how it works, and how you can access it. It details a five step process to tap into your intuitive powers.

For Bill, the three year journey making this movie not only took him to the furthermost reaches of the planet, it also took him to the innermost depths of his soul. As he says:

Making this movie changed my life. Watching it could change yours.

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Q&A panel


Matt Hart
Guiding Guys trough their mid life transition under the banner The Growing Man, I have trained as a NLP Master Practitioner and a Compass Navigator. I use these frameworks as well as bodywork and movement, essential oils and mindfulness as part of my practice. I run Men's Nights In to give guys an opportunity to spend time with other likeminded men who are on their own journeys to link into a supportive community. I am also a co-facilitator of ManCamps, 3-5 night intensive reboots. Prior to this I was a local business owner for 10 years, and having successfully executed an exit strategy 3 years ago I have moved into this work of supporting Men in particular. The physical, mental and emotional turmoil that I experienced over the last 8 or 9 years gives me an understanding for where most men are at through their late 30s and early 40s. My Coaching and Mentoring work can be in person or via the internet. My hands on work is through Hart, Mind and Bodywork sessions and are available to male and female clients and play to my intuitive strengths.

Catherine Barclay
Catherine Barclay is a lifestyle, web, graphic and interior designer based on the Bellarine Peninsula. With over 15 years experience, Catherine has had work exhibited at the Melbourne Museum and worked for and with, some of the world’s most exciting brands and businesses. In August 2015, after a life changing operation, Catherine was intuitively guided to resign from her full time job in the corporate world. Some 24 months later, ChooseLiveBe was born - an Online Intuitive Design Studio created to support small, heart-centered business owners create and lead lives they are head over heels in love with. Since it’s inception, ChooseLiveBe has been run on equal parts intuition, heart and intellect (usually in that order), something Catherine believes has been paramount to the business’s ongoing growth, development and success.

Attalia Egerton
I am a Professional Kinesiologist with additional training in NLP, Reiki and Mindfullness and Meditation. I am based in Torquay on the Surfcoast and I work with both men and women supporting them to create balance in their lives. I am passionate about supporting my clients create a life that they love. By going deep within, major transformation happens. This allows my clients to move towards truly knowing their infinite value, loving themselves deeply and living life authentically, at peace with themselves and their journey so far. I specialise in facilitating transformational change for people who want inner harmony, freedom and balance. It is through this that the mind, body and spirit align and start to heal themselves. Kinesiology aims to restore energy flow to a system when it has been disrupted. Disruptions which cause stress to the mind, body and spirit include physical, mental and emotional trauma, limiting beliefs, inherited tendencies, sabotages and suppressions, nutitional deficiencies, environmental factors and much more. It is through kinesiology that the often unconscious causes of an imbalance can be worked with and healed.

About the event
Through thought-provoking events that inspire action, and using the power of film to illuminate the issues of our time, Suburban Sandcastles is a movement for people seeking to live with their minds opened by wonder, not closed by belief. Join us at The Potato Shed in Drysdale, Geelong, for a nourishing meal, wholefood snacks, beer and wine, all available for purchase before the film. Connect with our community and explore what's on offer from our wellness and lifestyle exhibitors.

Event program
6pm doors open, nourishing food and drink available, local exhibitors
7pm film commences
8.30pm Q&A panel
9.00pm event concludes