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The Gut Movie (Bayside Melbourne)

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*SESSION 2 SOLD OUT - some tickets still available for session 1 (6pm) and session 3 (9pm)*


In The Gut Movie, we follow the journey of journalist & researcher Kale Brock as, in the quest to discover whether the 'optimal microbiome' does indeed exist, he travels from Australia to Namibia to live with The San, an ancient hunter-gatherer people living traditionally from the land.

During the excursion Brock monitors his own microbiome and how it changes in conjunction with the new surroundings, and takes microbiome samples of The San to gauge the significant differences in microbiota present across cultures.

With expert commentary by leading gastroenterologist Professor Thomas Borody, molecular geneticist Dr Margie Smith, immunology researcher and expert Professor Mimi Tang and naturopath and chiropractor Dr Damian Kristof, The Gut Movie provides an insightful yet entertaining look at the explosive research of the gut & its impact on human health.

"The future of medicine may lie somewhere completely unexpected, somewhere only few have dared to look so far, somewhere so farfetched and bizarre that only now in the modern world are we beginning to investigate it... poop. Yes, in our poop."

Kale Brock
Director, Producer & Presenter

(There are multiple sessions of the film on Tuesday 24th July, and tickets cannot be transferred between sessions once purchased, so please choose carefully!)

Q&A panel

Dr Damian Kristof
Nutritionist, Naturopath and Chiropractor, Dr Damian Kristof is a highly sought after presenter and speaker in the Wellness industry. With over 20 years of experience, Damian’s in-depth knowledge of the body, nervous system food functions and responses coupled with his friendly and dynamic presenting style, has him in high demand. Focusing on food as key to unlocking optimal health and wellness, Damian presents in-depth facts and concepts that have never before been readily available to the public - offering all audiences from industry experts to the general public highly valuable content as he engages, educates and inspires audiences across the globe.

Kale Brock is an award nominated writer, producer and speaker. With a background in TV journalism, Kale has a passion for creative story telling with a special interest in health & wellbeing. His long awaited documentary, The Gut Movie, investigates the human microbiome in a scientific, quirky & fun journey in which he travels to Namibia to live with The San tribe. Kale’s books, The Gut Healing Protocol and The Art Of Probiotic Nutrition, have generated international acclaim.
In 2016 for the article Gut Bacteria May Be The Key To Weight Loss Kale received the Bioceuticals Media Award (Runner up). He has worked as a TV presenter, a public speaker, health and exercise coach, personal development strategist, & is an inspiring and entertaining speaker. After overcoming his own serious health issues as a teenager using nutrition and lifestyle tools, Kale developed a passion for researching and sharing health information with the public, particularly within the area of probiotics and gut health.

Kale is an Indigenous Australian of Barngarla descent and is passionate about educating the public on Australian aboriginal agricultural subjects.

Nicole Azzopardi (6pm and 7.30pm sessions)
Mother, Author, Journalist Nicole created Mumma Care and her book 'The Alchemy Cookbook - Transforming Food Into Medicine' to support other families with the wisdom she learned through helping her daughter to heal through food. Nicole was inspired by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride who wrote the GAPS diet. Natasha helped her see the connection between the gut and the brain and how we can effectively take healing into our own hands. Nicole says, "By working to heal and seal her gut wall with specific foods like meat stock and cultured vegetables, her symptoms slowly began to disappear."

Dr. Margie Smith
Dr. Margie Smith is a Molecular Geneticist with over 30 years’ experience in Neuro-genetics and Cancer genetics. She has worked in major teaching hospitals in New Zealand and Australia. Specifically Margie worked with families affected by early-onset Alzheimer’s disease and diagnostic screening for heritable breast and breast/ovarian cancer. 

Working with an American based company Transgenomics Margie established high throughout genetic analysis using WAVE Technology. This enabled breast cancer screening to be used in diagnostic laboratories in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Margie has published in the areas of both cancer and neurogenetics and she has recently contributed to the publication Dementia.

In 2009, Margie became the co-founder of a Nutritional Genomics company called SMART DNA.  This company has established affordable, Predictive and Preventative Nutrition based genetic testing for practitioners and their clients. This Nutritional profiling is personalised and covers a number of health areas including Cholesterol profiling. In 2014, smartDNA has developed a smart GUT Test looking at the human Microbiome. SmartDNA has developed the first curated human microbiome database in Australia for researchers and commercial entities to access. 

Harlequin Publishing approached Dr. Margie Smith to write a book on Personalised Medicine and Nutritional Genomics for the general public. Gene Genius was published in September 2015.

Two years ago smartDNA established smartLAB in the translational facility at Monash MHTP in Clayton. The laboratory offers a range of services from DNA extractions, Genomic Analysis, Clinical Trials, Bioinformatics, Product validation, Research and Development.

About the event
Through thought-provoking events that inspire action, and using the power of film to illuminate the issues of our time, Suburban Sandcastles is a movement for people seeking to live with their minds opened by wonder, not closed by belief. Join us at Shirley Burke Theatre in Parkdale, Bayside Melbourne for a nourishing meal, fresh juice, wholefood snacks, beer and wine, all available for purchase before the film. Connect with our community and explore what's on offer from our wellness and lifestyle exhibitors. 

Event program
5pm doors open, nourishing food and drink available, local exhibitors
6pm (sharp) SESSION 1 film commences, followed by Q&A panel
7.30pm (sharp) SESSION 2 film commences, followed by Q&A panel
9pm (sharp) SESSION 3 film commences, followed by Q&A panel

SESSION 1 TICKETS (film starts 6pm sharp): 

SESSION 2 tickets (film starts 7.30pm sharp):


SESSION 3 TICKETS (Film starts 9pm sharp):

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