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Our events are about connection, learning and community. Nourishing food. Local businesses who care about the issues you do. Expert Q&A panel speakers. And lots of great prizes from our exhibitors and partners. 


Our Q&A panel speakers

Dr Damian Kristof (Overfed and Undernourished, Unacceptable Levels) - Therese Kerr (Unacceptable Levels) - Bill Statham (Unacceptable Levels) - Dr Nick Rose (Fair Food) - Maria Hannaford (Fair Food) - Carlos Pereira (I Am, E-motion, Future Dreaming) - Melissa Togni (I Am) - Nicole Beschi (E-motion) - Dr Jen Floreani (Microbirth) - Lael Stone (Microbirth) - Louise Paterson (Microbirth) - Melissa Rowe (The Mask You Live In) - Dr Arne Rubenstein (The Mask You Live In) - Brett Fisher (The Mask You Live In) - Sharon Johnston (That Sugar Film) - Stephanie Robinson (That Sugar Film) - Dr Craig Hassed (The Connection) - Jeremy Limpens (The Connection) - Jess Jones (The Empowerment Project) - Bibi Lafleur (The Empowerment Project) - Julie Tenner (The Empowerment Project) - Doug Fargher (Project Wild Thing) - Tania Moloney (Project Wild Thing) - Dr Kristy Goodwin (Project Wild Thing) - Dr Sean Kirke (Awake: The Life of Yogananda) - Cara Gillespie (Awake: The Life of Yogananda) - Karen Bennetts (Most Likely To Succeed) - Melissa Rowe (Most Likely To Succeed) - Nicola Forrest (Most Likely To Succeed) - Alexx Stuart (The Human Experiment) - Crystal Fieldhouse (The Human Experiment)- Kaya Finlayson (Future Dreaming) - Isabelle Doherty (Polyfaces: A World Of Many Choices)  - Dan Drougas (Polyfaces: A World Of Many Choices) - Leeyong Soo (The True Cost) - Rechelle Coombes (The True Cost) - Nick Savaidis (The True Cost) - Lael Stone (In Utero) - Dr Vicki Anthonisz (In Utero) - Collette Beck (In Utero) - Katy Barfield (Just Eat It) - Jim Mullan (Just Eat It) - Kirsty Underwood (Just Eat It) - Shelley Lask (Embrace) - Danni Rowlands (Embrace) - Jessica Humphreys (Embrace) - Dr Saul Cohen (Why Not Home?) - Shalome Stone (Why Not Home?) - Emily Jones (Why Not Home?) - Fiona Sutherland (Embrace) 

Our exhibitors, past and present

Surrender Apparel - Vida Lifestyles - Young Living Essential Oils - Mornington Peninsula Organics - Nature Direct - Wild Ferments - Blue Bay Cheese Company - Indigo Whispers - Radiant Wellness - Su Jardine - Alkaline World - Forage Cereal - About Birth - Well Adjusted - Community Midwifery Services - Ecology Skincare - Balance Complementary Medicine - Lifespace Probiotics - Liliane Grace - Advance Kinesiology - Melanie Stratford EFT - Lifecare Chiropractic - Smart Snacks - Peak Potential Health & Wellness - Hart Space - Nourishing The Mother - Pressure Point Reflexology - ASEA and Renu28 - Box Garden - Vigna Radiance - Bulk Wholefoods - Dinner Sorted - Kids Nest - MiniMe Organics - Sally Benstead Naturopath - Grace Cosmetics - Kate Williams Channel - Sounds Like This - Letterheads Literacy - Detox Solutions - Wicks and Stones - Healthy Cass Creations - World Organics - Sundew Therapies