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Are you in the business of providing people with nourishing food, locally-made products or wellness services? Or an expert speaker on your area of interest, and with a message to share that will benefit our audience?

We believe that how we spend our money is a vote for the kind of world we want to live in; we can either support the status quo of convenience and little thought for the broader environmental, social or health impacts, or we can consciously support businesses doing things differently. We want to work with businesses who have a ‘why’ that aligns with their soul. If that’s you, let’s talk.

Film & Conversation Events
Each month we hold screenings of inspiring and thought-provoking documentary films at Shirley Burke Theatre in Bayside Melbourne together with pop-up events in various locations on occasion. There are opportunities to be involved as one of a small number of exhibitors, as an event sponsor, or on the Q&A panel. 

Q&A panel
What we do here matters. Film is a powerful medium to explore ideas and challenge our thinking, but to really create change, we need conversation, and community. Our Q&A panels feature experts who can provide our audience with insights, constructive discussion and tools to take into their daily lives.

We have 8-10 exhibitors at each screening. Our exhibitors become part of the fabric of our events, their stories interwoven through the ethos of Suburban Sandcastles and the messages of our films. Our events offer businesses the opportunity to connect with an audience who values conscious living, and meaningful connections. Contact us via the form below for our Exhibitor Information Kit.

“I was delighted to discover Suburban Sandcastles’ events in Parkdale. By comparison with large expos, the intimate nature of the event is not overwhelming so real connections are made between guests and exhibitors. The films chosen are topical, thought-provoking and professional, and the Q&A after the event is a big plus, inviting conversation and engagement between audience and panel members. Another feature of these enjoyable evenings is the delicious wholesome food available on the night, the attractive environment, and the easy parking (by comparison with attending events in the city!)” – Liliane Grace, Author,  

If you see an alignment between your brand and the message of Suburban Sandcastles, or a particular film on our schedule, you may be interested in being an event sponsor. For more information about the opportunity, please email us directly to talk further at bridget [at] suburbansandcastles [dot] com.

Our events would not succeed without the help of our amazing volunteers. We are often looking for inspired, dedicated people to help us out with welcoming guests, taking photos and video, assisting with food service and helping with other tasks at our events. If you're interested, get in touch below. 

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